A classic, yet modern, kitchen - with tradition in our hearts and the Scandinavian in our minds.

Chef de Cuisines Jeppe Foldager bases his gastronomic philosophy entirely on supreme quality ingredients in season, with focus on the rich local Danish farmlands and the north of Scandinavia. The ingredients are treated, prepared and combined in accordance with the kitchen’s own personal and updated culinary philosophy.

For vegetables, meat and fish, we will develop longstanding partnerships with a number of carefully selected farmers, suppliers and producers in the Copenhagen area, as well as with hunters, since venison will be a seasonal specialty at Restaurant Niels. For this purpose, Jeppe Foldager has recently obtained his own hunting license, as a nice concept to work closely with the team of hunters and to be able to serve meat from a game that he shot himself.

”We will of course always offer menus in season but we will not force this upon our guests. The basic idea is that guests can chose exactly what they like to have. Our menu should invite people to eat here every night if they like.” 

– Jeppe Foldager, Chef de Cuisine

Jeppe Foldager

Under the gastronomic leadership of Chef de Cuisines Jeppe Foldager, the new Restaurant Niels in Nobis Hotel Copenhagen will be a first-class dining destination in its own right.

Jeppe Foldager was recruited from celebrated Copenhagen restaurant Alberto K where he served as Chef des Cuisines for the past four years, after a ten-year background at various esteemed Danish restaurants, also winning silver in Bocuse d’Or. Our vision for Restaurant Niels is a relaxed fine dining restaurant, combining classic French and Nordic gastronomy in a modern and personal culinary style, always with first quality ingredients in focus.

”We want to create a casual fine dining restaurant serving fare based on the very best ingredients, a place with a strong personality and a lot of happy guests” – Jeppe Foldager, Chef de Cuisines

Restaurant Niels seats 80 guests in an informally elegant dining room with interiors designed by Wingårdhs, Sweden’s most celebrated architectural firm, under the leadership of star architect Gert Wingårdh.

Jeppe Foldager